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Step by step guide to sharing your notes online

SharedNote's integration with TinyPad is a great feature allowing users to publish their notes directly on the web and share them with their friends.

Sharing a note is very simple, you can follow the easy steps below:

  1. Register a free account at by clicking here
  2. Open the TinyPad preferences window and go to the Sync & Sharing section
  3. Enter the username and password you registered with at then click Save. You are now ready to share your notes
  4. Back to TinyPad's main window, select the pad you want to share and click on the publish icon found on the toolbar. You will immediately get a small window showing you the short link of your shared note
  5. Share that link with your friends, and they will be able to view your note directly from their browsers. When you update your note, the changes are immediately reflected!

Saikat Basu also wrote another great article to show TinyPad and SharedNote in action at
You can read the full article here

Happy notes sharing!