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The TinyPad Team collaborated with the folks at to integrate TinyPad with their sharing services. Now, TinyPad users can share any pad with the click of a button!

What makes this feature even better is the extreme user-friendliness provided by TinyPad. All users have to do is write down their text, then click the publish button on the toolbar. They immediately receive a short link to share with their friends. The latter can view the pad's content by browsing the link they are given from any web browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, etc... with no additional software required.

To make the sharing experience even more exciting, TinyPad keeps simplicity in mind and automatically updates the published pad without requiring any additional button clicks from the users. This gives the opportunity for users with a lower level of experience in blogging to get started immediately with spreading their thoughts to the world!

We are very excited about the new note sharing feature, and we would like to thank the folks at for choosing TinyPad as their quick off application for notes sharing online!

TinyPad makes note-taking easy and fun!

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TinyPad is now integrated with to allow you to share your notes with your friends, with the click of a button. Free of charge of course.

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TinyPad in the magazines!
We are very proud to announce TinyPad's appearance in the top selling magazines and software reviews worldwide! Here are some of the places that featured TinyPad: The TinyPad Team would like to thank all the faithful users for supporting us and helping in increasing TinyPad's popularity.

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