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Following are preview screenshots of what TinyPad looks like:


  •  Organize your notes in the form of pads
  •  Update your twitter status using the toolbar
  •  A published pad
  •  Publishing a pad
  •  Select the theme that best suites your mood
  •  The blue theme
  •  The gray theme
  •  The light blue theme
  •  The dark theme
  •  The vista theme
  •  Search your pads with the two-way search functionality
  •  Highlight the occurences of a word or sentence
  •  Renaming a pad
  •  Archive unwanted pads
  •  Exported all your pads to a folder on disk
  •  Send the TinyPad Team your feedback directly
  •  Shortcuts to make note-taking even faster
  •  Setting up your twitter settings
  •  Setting up your sync and sharing settings

TinyPad makes note-taking easy and fun!

Join the thousands of users enjoying TinyPad and start getting organized.

Download it now

TinyPad is now integrated with to allow you to share your notes with your friends, with the click of a button. Free of charge of course.

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TinyPad in the magazines!
We are very proud to announce TinyPad's appearance in the top selling magazines and software reviews worldwide! Here are some of the places that featured TinyPad: The TinyPad Team would like to thank all the faithful users for supporting us and helping in increasing TinyPad's popularity.

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