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TinyPad v3.0 released!

Including stunning new features and loads of fixes, experience the new way of taking notes!

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Share your notes!

The TinyPad Team's partnership with gives TinyPad users the opportunity to publish their notes online, with the click of a button!

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TinyPad in action!

See TinyPad in action by reading this full article written by Saikat Basu at

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TinyPad - Taking notes made easy!

Welcome to the home of the most popular note-taking buddy!
With TinyPad, taking notes has never been as much fun and easy.
It's been a while since the launch of a new version, and it's finally here! Over the past few months, the TinyPad Team invested in big efforts to bring you a fresh and improved version of one of the top tools used for taking notes!

The TinyPad Team is proud to announce its partnership with, a website on the rise, allowing all TinyPad users to share their notes with the click of a button from within TinyPad! Click here to find out more.

As always, hot new features are included in the new version. Features like updating your twitter status directly from within TinyPad, automatic synchronization of your notes to always keep them backed up online, and more! Better than that, all these services are offered for free! Click here to find out more about all of TinyPad's features.

TinyPad in the magazines!
We are very proud to announce TinyPad's appearance in the top selling magazines and software reviews worldwide! Here are some of the places that featured TinyPad: The TinyPad Team would like to thank all the faithful users for supporting us and helping in increasing TinyPad's popularity.

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